Incentive for the Introduction into the Consumption of Zero Emission Vehicles

In the purchase of an electric bicycle or an electric cargo bicycle, the Portuguese Government is willing to support up to €500 for an electric bicycle conventional or up to €1500 for a bicycle electrical load.

This incentive is back and is reinforced for 2022, with the aim of continuing "the path of decarbonizing mobility, a fundamental component of the fight against climate change and a special contribution to the commitment made by Portugal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050".

Only applies to bicycles purchased after January 1, 2022. Support is also limited to one application per individual person or four applications in the case of a " legal person", which is by definition a company/company. The deadline for submitting applications is until 30 November 2022.

This year's incentive welcomes electric cargo bikes once again. Considered Typology 3, according to the same document, support is up to 1500€ .

For regular electric bikes, Typology 4, support is up to €500.

The application is made through a dedicated online form on the official website of the Environmental Fund. Documents to accompany the application are also required:

- Identification, including a Portuguese national identification card (or residence card), plus a tax identification number (NIF);

- A proof of the Customs Tax Authority that stipulates a regular tax activity;

- An IBAN bank reference with the name of the candidate to which the support will be transferred (with a maximum delay until December 31, 2022);

- The invoice for the vehicle in question, no earlier than 1 January 2022, with the candidate's name and frame number;

- A sales statement from the store, mentioning the vehicle in question, mentioning that it is an electric urban or freight transport bike.

The verdict is communicated directly to the candidate by email.

For more information see -consumption-of-null-emissions-vehicles-ven-2022.aspx