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Should I choose an eletric bike?

Electric bicycles offer several advantages:

- They provide an easier and more comfortable pedaling, especially on slopes and uneven terrain;

- They are a more environmentally friendly option, as they do not emit polluting gases;

- They are an excellent choice for moving around the city, saving time in traffic, transportation and parking costs.

No, the electrical components are maintenance free. Certain parameters on the display must inclusively remain intact so that battery and engine's definitions remain unchanged.
Electric bicycles meet the same safety requirements as conventional bicycles. The use of a helmet or safety vest is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Electrikfatbikes, as they are considered a bicycle and not a scooter, they do not require registration or specific insurance. Only bikes with motors greater than 250W need it.

The electric bicycles are subject to the same legislation as conventional bicycles, so yes, they are authorized to use the bicycle lanes.

Electric bicycles sold in Europe must obtain the EN15194 certification, which guarantees the compliance with European standards. All Electrikfatbike models respect this standard.

To promote the use of this means of transport and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, the government often approves incentives for the purchase of electric bicycles. In Portugal, when purchasing an electric bicycle or an electric cargo bicycle, the Portuguese Government is willing to support up to €500 for a conventional electric bicycle or up to €1500 for an electric cargo bicycle. Check in your country if there are any incentive available. incentivo à compra de bicicletas elétricas, apoio que já estava em vigor o ano passado. Na compra de uma bicicleta elétrica ou uma bicicleta elétrica de carga, o Governo Português está disposto a apoiar até 500€ para uma bicicleta elétrica convencional ou até 1500€ para uma bicicleta elétrica de carga. Saiba mais em

What are electric fat bikes?

Electric fat bikes are bicycles equipped with an electric propulsion system that assists the cyclist when pedaling. The distinguishing feature of fat bikes is their wide tires, designed to tackle a variety of terrains - such as sand, rough trails, uneven terrain, snow, pavement or road.
The decision to buy a fat bike depends on your needs and preferences. Fat bikes are ideal for cyclists looking for a versatile bike where no terrain or adventure can be an obstacle - whether to go to work, to go to the supermarket, to the beach, or to explore trails in off-road adventures. Electric fat bikes offer excellent traction, great stability, and the ability to tackle any type of riding.
Electric fat bikes work with an electric assistance system, activated when the cyclist pedals. A battery-powered electric motor provides additional thrust, aiding the rider's effort and making it easier to pedal over rough terrain. Most electric fat bikes have a control panel that allows you to adjust the level of assistance according to the needs of the rider, as is the case with Electrikfatbikes.
Electric fat bikes are the only possible choice for commuting in rough terrain, off-road trails and rural areas. However, due to their wide tires and higher weight compared to conventional bicycles, they may not be the most efficient or practical choice for urban commuting on paved roads.
Fat bikes generally have a greater weight capacity than conventional bikes, due to their sturdy frame and wide tires.
The fat bikes' wide tires provide several advantages:
- Greater flotation on surfaces such as sand and snow, which makes it easier to ride on low-grip terrain;
- The wide tires provide excellent traction and stability on uneven terrain, absorbing your impacts and providing a comfortable pedaling sensation;
- Plus, the wide tires help distribute the weight of the rider and bike more evenly, preventing bottoming out on soft surfaces.
Yes, electric fat bikes are relatively easy to ride, especially with the electric assist enabled. The electric motor assists the cyclist's effort, making pedaling smoother and less demanding, especially on uneven terrain. With the added stability due to the wide tires, you'll immediately feel the comfort of riding an electric fat bike.

About ElectrikFatBikes (EFBs)

It is possible to change gears thanks to the 7-speed Shimano Tourney system, located on the rear wheel. Proper use of gears optimizes your EFB's performance, and battery life.
The battery is removable. It is removed by pressing the key inwards and turning to the left to unlock the safety catch. Remove the saddle to remove the battery.

The Electrikfatbike can reach 25 km/h.

The battery has 15 amps.

The battery takes about 4–6 hours to fully charge

You can travel around 90 km on a single battery charge, depending on the weight, speed, road conditions, and level of electric assistance you use. On average, taking into account these constraints, the average is usually around 40-60 km.
The battery's life is measured in complete charge cycles. Once this number of cycles is exceeded, the battery's autonomy gradually decreases. Our batteries are designed to maintain peak performance through 700-1000 charge cycles. This corresponds to a distance traveled of 15,000 to 50,000 km (equivalent to 3 to 7 years of use), depending on the use made of it. Batteries that are not used for a few months (1-3 months) may lose autonomy, due to lack of use.

Our models weigh 27kg. The excess weight of an EFB compared to a conventional bicycle is around 5 to 8 kg, which is not significant when considering the gain provided in the electric assistance.

Tires last a long time, as a rule, they last the same time as on a normal bike, in the right conditions, always with the right pressure. We suggest adding an anti-puncture gel to keep the tires in shape for longer, always maintaining proper pressure. Tire replacement should only be done when they are “bald”, or if they burst. The proper tire pressure is 1.9 to 2.1 BAR.
Power is what makes the electric bike motor moving. In scientific terms, it is the electromotive force that drives the electric bicycle. Electrikfatbikes have 250 watts.

The feeling of using an EFB can be compared to the experience of a classic bike. The motor provides a power of 250 watts and a torque of 80 Nm, which corresponds to what an 80 kg rider would have to develop on a 10 kg bike to reach a speed of 32 km/h on flat terrain. Under normal conditions of use, it provides a real feeling of ease of movement.

The parts chosen to equip the EFB come from the best brands.

- The engine is a BAFANG “brushless”, which guarantees durability. BAFANG is one of the world leaders, and won the prestigious 24H VAE race, ahead of Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha teams.

- The batteries are top of the range, equipped with Samsung Li cells. -ion state-of-the-art, which represents a guarantee of its reliability. They are also protected against under and overcharge and are equipped with a cell temperature controller.
In any case, motors and batteries are obviously covered by the 24 month warranty

The EFB is heavier and longer than a conventional bicycle. However, the means of transport remains the same, and it is perfectly possible to transport it on the roof of a car, on the hitch ball or on the rear window. Please check with your fastening system supplier if it can handle the load you want to support.

Rear engine assistance makes it possible to take advantage of the engine's maximum torque, without having to force the pedals, which makes it very pleasant to use for rides. The EFB has 5 levels of assistance (different speeds) and 3 driving modes (ECO, STANDARD and POWER – see display)
Electrikfatbikes for women have a frame geometry that is more suited to the female anatomy - the top tube is slightly recessed for easier access and a more comfortable riding position.

A surf rack is an accessory that you can attach to your bike to make it easier to move around with a surfboard. The accessory can be purchased separately or together with the bike. The racks are universal and can be used on any bike.

Need help, still have some questions:

We have some spots around the country where you can try out an Electrikfatbike. See the points here:, and get in touch to schedule a visit for the best service provided!!

In accordance with the legislation in Europe, the bicycles are delivered to the final consumer semi-assembled (pedals and steering wheel unscrewed, for placement and tightening), in a closed box, with detailed instructions for assembly and use, and demonstration video available online. Upon receiving the order, the customer must check the good condition and proper functioning of the EFB, and check the user's manual.

Even with little experience, EFBs are quite easy to assemble, either alone or with help. You just have to take into account some assembly points that we exemplify in the video and other less specific ones that can change the operation of the EFB (e.g. inflating the tires, adjusting the barrel, inner tube and tires to the rim). If you wish, we can supply the bike already assembled by our service partner at an additional cost.
Upon receiving your bike, check that the packaging is in good condition and that the EFB is properly working. If the ordered product is defective or damaged, the customer must make a reservation with the carrier at the time of delivery to proceed with its return. For more information, contact us via email
We accept product returns within a maximum period of 30 days from the invoice's date of purchase. It is important that the product is in perfect conditions, with no signs of use or damage, and in its original packaging for return. To do so, please contact Customer Support at
Pay Pal, Bank Transfer, and Shopfy
Delivery costs for Electrikfatbikes (EFB) are included in the final price for Portugal and Islands. For other countries, proceed with the purchase, choosing the location, and delivery costs will be calculated and shower to you.

You can purchase an Electrikfatbike through BPI's Personal Credit. Find out more at Crédito Banco BPI

The indicative period for a product in stock is generally 2/3 working days.

I bought an Electrikfatbike, what now?

Assembling the bicycle is relatively simple and requires no technical knowledge. Just take into account a few aspects that can change the operation of the EFB - such as tire inflation, and tube, air chamber and tire adjustments. Check out our video to see step by step how to do it:
Charging the battery for the first time should take between 6 and 8 hours (usually overnight).

The display is very simple and intuitive to use. You can see things various indicators to be able to record your route and select driving modes for all types of terrain. To see how it works in detail, please consult the instruction manual. instructions manual.Important: it is not advisable to change certain parameters of the bicycle display as this could damage the electronics or the battery.

On the steering wheel, on the right side, there is the knob to change the gears. The knob shifts up for a heavier gear, and down, to make the pedaling lighter.
The Electrik Fat Bike has an electrically assisted motor and is only activated when you pedal. Pedaling sensors located on the crank set transmit information to the bike's on-board computer, which operates the engine and instantly shuts down when braking or stopping pedaling. There is also the tr 6 km / h mode when we pull the trigger on the right handle - this resource helps the user to start pedaling, when climbing and to facilitate walking next to bicycle.

The EFB bike is identical to a conventional bike. Maintenance/repair operations are carried out in the same way as for a conventional bicycle (changing a cable, a tire, braking, lubricating the chain, etc.). You can do it yourself or contact the nearest bicycle dealer. Regarding specific elements such as battery or motor contact us or one of our partners.